• Actover is an integrated pharmaceutical company with more than 190 products and over 2,000 employees operating in fields of importation, marketing, production and distribution.

    Investment in high standard production facilities and qualified personnel has positioned Actover as a partner for under license production in Iran.


    Biosimilars represent some of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical products in the world. Actoverco's long term strategy includes strengthening partnerships and investing in this field of medicine.

    We are committed to build a leadership position in Iran as well as region. Our biotech plant located in Baharestan industrial zone near Tehran, started production in 2014 with a capacity of 40 million vials and PFS.


    Whether it is for innovative products, branded generics or Biosimilars, we select our partners carefully.
    We are the official distributor of 10 world-class pharmaceutical manufacturers. For over 40 years, they have trusted Actover with their products in the ever-changing Iranian market
    Our commitment to our partners and our flexibility are the reasons  for preserving our partnership throughout mergers, acquisitions, wars and revolution.

    We adjust our services to each company depending on their policies. From under license production with Merck, to co branding with Krka or technology transfer in the case of biotech.

    Other most recent partners have chosen us because of the capability of our products to comply with MOH policies.


    Actover is committed to adhere to the regulatory requirements and the highest industry standards.

    Our production facilities run by international standards. We have obtained ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing .Practices) certifications, as well as the approval for under license manufacturing of Merck and Krka’s products in Iran

    Actover ensures quality by a continuous monitoring of the quality systems, and the application of evolving industry guidelines and regulations.

     Quality is the responsibility of the personnel of Actover.

    Actoverco solid form plant
     Started production in 2011 
     Capacity: 7500 Million tablets and capsules 
     Therapeutic areas of production: Cardiovascular, CNS, Gastrointestinal, Endocrinology, OTC 
      Under license manufacturing from Merck and other European brands

    Actoverco biotech plant

     Started production in 2014 

     Capacity: 40 Million vials and pre-filled syringes

     Therapeutic areas of production: MS, Oncology

    Hormone Plant

    Atipharmed a separate hormone plant aims to cover production of contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy and endometrial drugs.

     Capacity: 700 million tablets

     First hormonal plant with GMP approval in the country 

    It includes production lines for pessaries and cream as well as the existing SDF lines 

    General hazardous plant

    Alborz-Zagros is dedicated to the production of general hazardous drugs.

     Capacity: 800 million tablets 

     First OEL5 plant in the country
    Oncology plant

    Actero is the largest factory in the field of producing solid and injectable anti-cancer products.
     Capacity: 10 million vials, 300 million tablets, 100 million capsules
     Operates under strict GMP standards

    Good Manufacturing Practice

    GMP is a regulatory guideline imposed on all manufacturers of pharmaceuticals to ensure that finished products have the identity, strength, quality and purity they are required to have. GMP describes the methods, the controls, the equipment and facilities that must be put into place for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

    Actoverco ongoing auditing program verifies continuous adherence to GMP standards.


    Our Purpose

    We supply economic pharmaceutical products covering the needs of the market. We take our responsibility by producing the affordable 

     medicines, and high quality pharmaceutical products.

    We aim to consolidate our position as one of the leading  pharmaceutical companies in the country. We are achieving this aim by strengthening 

     the long-term business partnerships in the fields of development, product supply and marketing.


    Our values shape Actover's way of doing business at every level of company

    Quality oriented: We are committed to quality not only for our products, but also in all our business processes

    Collaboration: We understand collaboration as the key to success

    Integrity: We see integrity and responsibility as a core characteristic for each member of our team

    Fast-moving: We are a fast moving company, so the quality is a necessity in our company for having dynamic market


    Strengthen pharmaceutical activities in the key therapeutic fields

    Entering the new therapeutic fields

    Respond to internal market demand and design a new marketing region

    Increasing investment on production



    Generic name: Venlafaxine
    Manufactured by: Actoverco under license Krka
    Dosage: 37.5 & 75 mg
    Package: 28 capsules
    Prescribing information
    Report adverse events


    Generic name: Sertraline
    Manufactured by: Actoverco under license Krka
    Dosage: 50 & 100 mg
    Package: 28 tablets
    Prescribing information
    Report adverse events


    Generic name: Donepezil
    Manufactured by: Actoverco under license Krka
    Dosage: 5 & 10 mg
    Package: 28 tablets
    Prescribing information
    Report adverse events


    Generic name: Quetiapine
    Manufactured by: Actoverco under license Krka
    Dosage: 25, 100 & 200 mg
    Package: 30 tablets
    Prescribing information
    Report adverse events


    Generic name: Zolpidem
    Manufactured by: Actoverco
    Dosage: 5 & 10 mg
    Package: 30 tablets
    Prescribing information
    Report adverse events


    Generic name: Tizanidine
    Manufactured by: Actoverco
    Dosage: 4 mg
    Package: 30 scored tablet
    Prescribing information
    Report adverse events


     Availability is a key concern in Actover. That is why we work with 4 authorized distribution companies in Iran. Maximizing coverage and access to our products is the goal of our experienced professional and team .

    We have chosen 4 major distribution companies:

    1-Hejrat is the second largest distribution company covering pharmacies and the first covering hospitals

    2-Elite Darou is the Actover group owned distribution company, one of the first 100% private pharma distributors in Iran

    3-Razi is one of the leading distribution companies in the country

    4-Darou Pakh is one of the leading distribution companies in the country

    For distribution agreements outside Iran, please contact us to check product availability for your zone/country. 



    Actover focuses on quality and product safety. We conduct accurate controls and evaluate all our suppliers and manufacturing processes.

    Actover is committed not only to all the applicable regulatory requirements, but also to the highest international industry standards. It has successfully passed all GMP audits including GMP audit with PICS observers. 

     KRKA-Slovenia has also given GMP approval in the first QA audit in 2011.

     Merck Serono audited Actover factory in 2012 and approved it for production of its solid dosage form products starting with Glucophage 500 tablets.

     Actover has deployed IMS including: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 awarded by AGS (American Global Standards) in 2012 and renewed in 2014.

     Actover’s QC lab has also received accreditation certificate from MOH in 2014 and is regarded as one of a few accredited labs of pharmaceutical companies in Iran.

    • Medical department has been awarded ISO9001: 2015 certification: Actoverco scientific and medical department consists of the following units: Clinical trial, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Advisory. To achieve the goals, such as upgrading the quality of provided services, increasing efficiency of the organization and ensuring carrying out our responsibilities, we implemented measures that were audited in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015. The audit was successful and Actoverco Pharmaceuticals managed to obtain the aforementioned certificate in 2017 awarded by SGS company.  

    We are also committed to the safe use of our product. We believe a safe drug prescription is also our responsibility. We provide comprehensive product knowledge and risk benefit information to the medical community and the patient.


    Pharmacovigilance (PV) system is responsible for monitoring the safety of Actoverco products. Its main aim is to minimize the risks related to drugs used and to maximize their benefits. The vision of the Actoverco Pharmacovigilance Department is to improve nationwide patient safety and wellbeing by reducing the risk of medicines used by patients and the general public.

    Drug Information Center 

    Drug Information Center of Actover Pharmaceutical Company is stablished in October 2015 as a division of the Pharmacovigilance department. The main purposes of DIC encompass rational prescription and use of drugs, increase of awareness, easy access to the authentically most up-to-date, precise, and pertinent information about our company’s drug products as well as to safeguard the health, financial and legal interests of the patients.

    If you or your patient experience any unanticipated side effect or have a complaint about a product please report adverse events. 


    In Actover, we not only focus on producing and distributing medicines, but also we believe in making health information. Therefore we have created specific magazine & websites, such as:








    Salamsalamat Magazine

    This is a magazine which is publishing and distributing every month throughout the drugstores, hospitals, clinics and offices of Tehran & some cities in Iran. Each magazine contains recent reliable articles about health & lifestyle. The aim of this distribution is improving general knowledge of people. To verify accessing this magazine on the internet, we have loaded the electronic version in the following address: www.salamsalamt.com


    It is a website dedicated for multiple sclerosis patients, where they can find information about the diseases and treatments as well as stories about other patients, news, group gatherings and a forum where they can share their experiences.


    To boost the effect of Xenover (Orlistat), we have created a microsite to pair this treatment with healthy routines. This website contains material from recipes to physical activities and tips to change lifestyle habits. 

    Lifestyles website

    Another medicines of Actover Pharmaceutical Company are vitamins and supplements. Since malnutrition and deficiency of micronutrients, minerals and vitamins are the cause of many chronic and threatening public health issues, for the first step, Actover selected and registered the vitamins and supplements from the prestigious company named “Life Style”. 

    The products of this brand, produced by “Martec Industries” in California, which are one of the highest quality products in the world of pharmaceutical supplements.

    Life Style Supplements include Kids Gummies (Multivitamin and Mineral), Stress Formula and Iron, Stress Formula and Zinc (Containing Vitamins and Zinc), Centravite (Daily Multivitamin with Lutein), Advanced Formula (Containing Vitamins, Minerals for people over 50 years of age), omega-3, calcium and vitamin D, and also Triple Joint-Aid (containing glucosamine and chondroitin).

    To learn more about these supplements, visit www.lifestyle.martecindustriesinc.com

    OTC Products 

    Some products, such as Actopin, Actofenextra, Actocold, and Xenover are among the OTC products of Actover that may also be taken without prescription. For more information on any of these products, you may visit the websites.


    we understand that the pharmaceutical sector is not comparable to any other industry. Ethical behavior is integrated in the core of our business, placing the well being of the patient as our top priority. This is why we are profoundly committed to our responsibility in every aspect of our business

    Ethics in research

    In all our research, including our clinical studies, we respect the patient and his rights as well as the health care providers.

    Ethics in production

    Producing high quality and safe drugs is not only a marketing strategy, for us it is our responsibility to provide trustworthy pharmaceuticals.

    Ethics in promotional activities

    We believe complete and accurate information is a right for healthcare professionals and patients, in order to make the most informed prescription decision.  We work hard to promote our products with factual information, in a way to avoid misleading our audiences.

    For more information consult our code of ethical practices



    We believe that it is our responsibility to leave the world a better place forthe next generations. That is why we go beyond our legal obligations, 

    increasing the welfare of the most vulnerable individuals of our society.

    We work in three different fronts

    Education is the key to building a future. As part of the Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Foundation, we build schools in underprivileged areas. That is why we contribute with scholarship programs and psychological support.

    Access to medicine and surgery is every person’s right. We collaborate with different foundations by donating MS and Cancer drugs as well as paying for heart and reconstructive surgery for children.

    Food program is a real problem in some of the areas where we work. Some families are unable to offer even one meal a day to their children. We contribute with two initiatives in this direction: The “One meal per day” program that feeds over 1.000 children per day and regular food packages to 300 families so that they can prepare hot food in their homes.

    All the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of Actover are coordinated by the Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Foundation.

    >>go to website


    The Corporate Social Responsibility activities of Actover is coordinating by the Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Foundation. Working with an

    independent executive team under the control of the supervisory board.


    Chain of Hope
    is a French NGO operating in over 30 countries including in Iran. We collaborate by taking in charge surgery costs for young children.

    is a private charitable organization with over 1600 beds where physically handicapped or elderly individuals with no financial resources can live.


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    Join one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Iran. Our expanding strategies create exiting career opportunities across the group.






    Please send your CV to CV@actoverco.com, indicating the position you are applying for in the subject of your CV.

    Actoverco Office:

    No 58, 8th St. Kooye Nasr (Gisha St.)  • Tehran • Iran

    postal code: 1446863914

    Telefax: +98 (21) 41 63 7000 


    We know that in an ever-changing business environment, human force became the main source of competitive advantage.

    By working for Actover you will have the opportunity to develop your skills and progress your career across the range of business areas and functions. You will have the necessary support from managers and colleagues to achieve your professional goals.

    Our training programs  will help you progress in your field and enhance your expertise.

    See how your dedication and hard work would be rewarded in Actover, and also offering you better opportunities in a fast-growing company.


    1. Review employee application
    2. Selection of candidates and interview with HR
    3. Testing (including psychological testing,  depending on department requirements)
    4. Second round of interviews with shortlisted candidates
    5. Further interviews if necessary
    6. Final selection and emplyoment
  • Reporter Information:
    General Physician: Nurse: Pharmacist: Other :
    1. Patient Details:
    2. Suspected reaction(s):
    3. Date reaction(s) started:
    4. Duration of the reaction(s):
    5. Patient history of any reaction including allergies:
    6. Patient medical history:
    7. Did the reaction(s) improve when the drug was discontinued?
    8. Did the reaction(s) reappear when the drug was readministered?
    9. Outcome:
    10. Did the reaction(s) lead to hospitalization?
    11. Paraclinic findings related to the reaction(s):
    12. Suspected medicine(s):
    Medicine Dosage form & potency* Daily dosage Route Indication Date started Date discontinued Manufacturer Batch No.
    13. Medications taken at the time of ADR:
    Medicine Dosage form & potency* Daily dosage Route Indication Date started Date discontinued Manufacturer Batch No.
    Additional relevant information:
    * The “potency” refers to the amount of active ingredient in the pharmaceutical dosage form (e.g. 100 mg Tablet …)